Patient Spotlight - TQ Newsome

We’re often asked what we like best about being a kids’ dentist. There’s a lot to love: seeing their pride as we celebrate a cavity free checkup, being the honored recipient of a story or funny joke, and seeing the youngest ones light up with joy when Santa comes to the office or we dress up for Halloween. 

But there’s one thing that motivates us above it all, and that’s watching the kids in our care grow up from babies, to curious toddlers, to smart children, and capable teens. At every checkup, they’ve grown up a little more – and all of a sudden, they’re young adults. 

And occasionally, we are lucky enough to keep in touch. TQ Newsome, aspiring doctor and linebacker for The University of Southern Mississippi football, grew up as a South Mississippi Smiles patient.

TQ Newsome - Patient Spotlight
South Mississippi Smiles Patient Spotlight
As an athlete and student, we’ve watched him succeed on and off the field. While he excelled on the football field, he also graduated 5th in his class out of over 350 graduates at Gulfport High. He graduated in the Gulfport High School Hall of Fame and went on to accept a full academic and athletic scholarship from The University of Southern Mississippi. 

He’s now a linebacker for the USM Eagles and studies Exercise Science with a Minor in Chemistry. He’s a senior this year with plans to go on to Med School. TQ knows his excellent physical health, including his dental health, has contributed to his success in both academics and sports. 

TQ wants to remind our young athletes how important it is to wear mouth guards while playing sports and keep up with dental checkups every 6 months. We’re honored to have been able to spend some time catching up with TQ Newsome, and we hope to keep in touch with you and your children over the years as well. 

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